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So, welcome to “Seriously Heather”. Once I figure out how to blog, I anticipate that things will really take off. Until then, please be patient and understand that you’re dealing with someone who just jammed the support lines at Media Temple with questions like: “What is a dashboard?”, “Coding??”, “Links to my social media?” and my final statement “I can’t believe I just paid for this.” And then I remembered that it’s these types of situations that got me thinking about a blog in the first place. “Seriously Heather” isn’t something I just thought of last week (ok, I did just think of it last week). The content of this blog has been brewing for years. YEARS. When I was 16, one of my best friends (and partner in crime – more on that in future posts) told me that I needed to write a book about my trials and tribulations. He said “Seriously, Heather, it’s like your life is one big story.” We laughed and then I kicked his desk over in French class.

Stay tuned. The posts to come will vary in content – some will be funny, some serious, some thought provoking, some like a “WTF?” of the day. Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure what’s coming next but I hope you will enjoy and share your experiences too. To my dear friend – all these years later, it’s not a book, but a blog (imagine that!) and I’ve called it “Seriously Heather” just for you.



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  1. Amazing, Heather!….and not a bit surprised! I may just have to eat some popcorn every time I read your amazing stories!! I’m so EXCITED for you….and us!!!

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