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Hi, friends.

I know many of you are probably wondering why I don’t have email associated with this site yet. To tell you the truth, so I am. So, I decided to make this my blogging adventure of the day. You know, get my email set up. Child’s play.

Here are some screen shots from the live chat I had with a seriously patient Media Temple customer support representative. The first shot is where I come clean with my superior skills in the site management world:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.34.57 PM

It took him a while to respond to this. I am sure he was thinking: “Does this lady just want me to set up her email for her?”.  “YES!” the answer to that question was and still is: “YES!”.


This screen shot was taken about 20 minutes later:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.53.37 PM

Now, this may look innocent enough. However, in one smooth move, I managed to delete myself as a user of my own account. Enough said.  I’ll be back to figure this out at another time. So, when I do get the email established, I will let you know. I would say that I look forward to that day. I will definitely consider that a win.





“We need to talk about Dad.”

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Unfortunately, my husband is one of the thousands of people who has lost a job due to the economic situation in Alberta. Thus, he is around a lot more than he normally would be. This has been great on so many fronts including the fact that he is now able to spend more time with our children. He is taking them to school, picking them up from school, taking them to dentist and doctor appointments and experimenting with the odd meal or two. I set the stage in this way so that you understand that which predicated the following conversation with my 14 year old son:

My son: “Mom – I need to talk with you privately.”

Me: “What’s up?” Now – of course that was not what I was thinking. I was thinking “Oh dear. What could this be about? A girl? Drugs? Alcohol? Gangs?”. It took a great deal of personal mastery to simply utter “What’s up?” in a calm fashion.

My son: “We need to talk about Dad.”

Me: I THOUGHT: “What did he say? He’s going to be a dad??” I SAID: “Pardon?”

My son: “We need to talk about Dad. Dad is around a lot these days and I know he’s trying to do all kinds of things he normally doesn’t do and that’s good; but he needs help. He needs help with this whole “Mom-Dad” thing- especially how to make lunches. You should have seen what he put in the lunches the other day.”

Me: “Oh….” At this point, I was trying very hard to keep a straight face. I was thinking “That’s awesome.” I said: “What do you think we should about that?”

My son: “I have no idea.”

And so it goes – this new reality of a “stay-at-home” Dad and a “back-to-work” Mom. We get it mostly right but sometimes really wrong and that’s ok. It’s in those wrong moments where we learn more about each other; in particular, our unwritten rules and family culture. This is priceless and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

So bring on the bad lunches, Mom-Dad. I can’t wait to see what you’ll cook up next.