So this happened….

Hi everyone! Thanks for those of you who have been contacting me and asking for more posts on Seriously Heather. I apologize for the absence. I wish I had a really valid excuse for the sojourn; you know, something like: “When the American people realized that neither Hillary nor Donald would fit the bill, they called on the only Canadian female for the job: me!”. IMG_5544

Just look at me: I’d make a great President! Suffice to say that this is not the reason for my lack of posts on Seriously Heather. The sad truth is that I forgot the password to my own blog and thus could not add any content. Has this ever happened to you? It seems to be happening to me quite often.

If you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, I am sure you are shaking your head. You’re probably thinking: “Seriously, who is this person?”.

Well, “Hi! Here I am and stuff like this happens to me all the time.”. I am pictured here at the Foo Fighters Concert – that’s Dave Grohl in the background. Suffice to say that I’m a fan.

Anyway,  as I was desperately trying to reset my password, I couldn’t figure out why the original password was no longer working. I kept getting notifications that my fans (yes, it appears that I have fans) were leaving all these wonderful comments. Turns out that I was trying to login to the incorrect WordPress site. Yup. Seriously.

So, thanks again for your patience and please stay tuned for more content.